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What I eat in a day- a day off work

As someone who tries to have a relatively healthy diet with lots of variation, I thought I would do weekly posts on what I eat in a day.

This post in particular will be what I would eat in a day on a day off work when I have a little more time to prepare. I have been caffeine and granulated sugar-free since January and I also like to avoid most dairy. I’m currently trying to cut out crisps as well, as I find that all of these components have a direct influence on my skin breakouts. So here is what I ate today!

On my days off I still like to get up nice and early so I can make the most of it! Today I got up at 8 am and the first thing I do is take my antibiotics. I recently did a blog post on why I have to take these, so if you’re wondering why, it’s here. I take these with a bottle of water because I like to think it starts the day off nice and hydrated.
For breakfast I had almond milk porridge with dried raisins and cranberries with a green tea. When I gave up caffeine, (I was drinking 3-4 cups of coffee a day), I found green tea to be a perfect replacement.
I had lunch around 12 pm after getting my chores done for the day and having a shower. I had red pepper houmous with a wholemeal pitta. I added a bit of salad that we had leftover in the fridge, this is perfect if you’re craving crisps and trying to cut them out like me! I’m not a fan of houmous itself, but the red pepper gives it a strong flavouring that I really like.
I spent the afternoon watching a bit of Youtube and Netflix, (loving Girl Boss!), so I fancied a green tea and something sweet. Eat Natural bars are so tasty, I’m pretty sure they are probably full of sugar, but they look healthy so it can’t be that bad right?!
For dinner this evening it was an especially healthy one, cod fishcakes with sweet potato wedges and broccoli. I know the fishcake isn’t as healthy as it could be, but it’s the only way I can eat fish as I’m not a huge fan of it.
This was Lewis’ healthier dinner, sweet chilli salmon with sweet potato wedges and broccoli.

So that is what I ate today on my day off, I will attempt to do the same this weekend as it will definitely be different to this! Let me know if there’s anything you like to avoid in your diet and what for, I wish I’d cut out caffeine and dairy sooner as it has such a huge impact. Thanks for reading.



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