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A busy day in Brighton

Over half term week the weather finally decided to present us Brits with something we rarely see, sunshine! Lewis and I drove down to Brighton, rented two deck chairs and enjoyed a day by the sea.

The seafront and bars were so busy, you couldn’t get a lone picture anywhere. We arrived in Brighton around 9.30 am, grabbed some breakfast and headed straight to the beach. When I took this it was 21 degrees outside, unheard of!
There is something special about the way people are drawn to water in the sunshine. It seemed as though the whole of Brighton wanted to enjoy the rare sunshine, even people at work were grabbing a take away lunch and sitting by the sea.
You know it’s warm in England when people are braving the sea!
Brighton West Pier can be seen on the left of this picture, and the new Brighton i360 on the right which is the world’s tallest moving observation tower. Tickets cost £16.00 a trip, we were toying with the idea of going up, but the queue was massive!
Imagine having a go on that crane ride to the left, it actually hangs over the edge of the pier.
The weather reached highs of 24 degrees which was so lovely, I even caught a bit of sun.
You have to dip your feet when you go to the seaside don’t you, it’s the law.

We always have so much fun whenever we go to Brighton, it has a great shopping centre and town that I wish I could have captured more of (another time!). After we finished at the beach we went over to the Brighton Marina and had some dinner in the evening sunshine. If you’ve never heard of this before it’s a working harbour with lots of restaurants, bars and leisure activities two minutes from Brighton seafront. The Marina also provides free parking which is scarce in Brighton!

*Taken from Google Images.

What did everyone else get up to in this warm weather? What’s your favourite thing to do in the sun?

Ellie x


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